Thursday, September 20, 2012

Recap of Top Chef Masters 4.9

This week, the three remaining mastercheftestants had to take on the role of teacher, first in a Quickfire that paired them with three of the critics, then with high school culinary students.

The Quickfire was a replay of last season's "mystery teammate" challenge. With a wall separating the cheftestants from their partners, they had to make sure this other person cooked a dish very similar or identical to the one he or she was making. Chris was paired up with James Oseland, who put on a fake accent and turned out a dish much like the one Chris made, which earned them a win. Kerry with Ruth and Lorena with Francis also did pretty well, but not quite well enough.

The Elimination Challenge involved instructing two teenage culinary students through a restaurant-quality dish. The students first cooked the dish they wanted to make for their mentors, and then they were instructed on how to make the dish better. Chris seemed to really get into the spirit of the challenge, taking his kids on as actual chefs-in-training. Kerry did as well, but he acted more like a drill sergeant. Lorena, on the other hand, while claiming to love the challenge, seemed less in a teaching mode.

In the end, it was her not particularly inventive take on lasagna (she had them make...a lasagna) that got her canned. Kerry pushed his students to turn out something both flavorful and well-crafted, and that earned him a win.

Next week, Kerry battles Chris for the final prize. Who's gonna win? Place your bets here!

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the dogs' mother said...

Loved the Quick Fire with the judges!

carmen mateo said...

I think they should keep the “mystery guest” quick fire challenge. Although, I’m not sure who they would bring on as guests? I missed the past episode because of a new work schedule at Dish. I can’t wait to see this episode and the finale. I have my Hopper set to record the upcoming episode, and will watch the past episode once my shift ends. There’s ton of recording space so I’m not worried about missing any of the competition. My money is on Kerry for the title, but wish Patricia had made it to the final two.