Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reactions to Top Chef Texas Finale Part Two

The endless road show that is Top Chef Texas takes its act to Vancouver. After checking into the Fairmont Hotel, the remaining cheftestants headed over to Chinatown and the Bao Bei restaurant. There they were greeted by Padma and Emeril Lagasse, along with Top Chef Masters Anita Lo, Floyd  Cardoz, and Takashi Yagihashi. The cheftestants drew knives to be paired up with a master. Lindsay drew Anita Lo; Sarah drew Floyd Cardoz, and Paul drew Takashi Yagihashi. The Quickfire was to create an Asian-inspired dish in 40 minutes, but the cheftestant had to alternate cooking chores with his Top Chef Master every 10 minutes.

The Masters go first, setting up a dish that they hope their partners can follow. After 40 minutes of back and forth, the chefs present their dishes. The team of Sarah and Floyd Cardoz take the win with a pan-seared cod in a curry sauce. Sarah walked away with $20,000, bringing her total for the competition to $30,000, all of which was won in Canada.

For the Elimination Challenge, the three chefs had to prepare a dish and a cocktail for 150 guests at a Fire and Ice Cocktail Party. The dish had to incorporate a fiery element and a cold element. They had 45 minutes to shop with a budget of $1,500 and five hours to cook. The winner of the challenge would win a trip for two to Costa Rica.

Paul's King Crab in Lobster Broth was well received, but Tom felt the arugula was an afterthought. Taking a second chance with halibut, Lindsay was more successful this time, pairing it with celery root remoulade and tomato ice. However, her kale was raw and her cocktail (a spin on a Bloody Mary) seemed flat. Sarah made cannelloni with five greens over which she put a frozen spicy mousse that was supposed to melt and create a sauce. Unfortunately, the anti-griddle made the mousse too hard and it never melted. Despite Sarah's mishap with the mousse, she was allowed to stay on for the finale. Paul won the challenge and Lindsay was sent packing.

So what did you think? Should Lindsay have been the one to go? Was Paul the stand out? Share your thoughts below.

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Anonymous said...

this season of top chef seems endless. paul seems like a very nice guy and a great chef, but as watchable tv personalities, none of the contestants this year, except maybe Beverly, had strong character arcs. how are the ratings holding up? the show peaked with All Stars and it's on a downhill slide, coincidentally on the slopes of Vancouver.

Kristine said...

Even with the somewhat lackluster season, I'd still rather watch Top Chef than most of the other shows involving cooking/chefs. I thought Grayson was amusing, and I really like Paul. Ed added some entertainment as well. I thought some of the challenges were a bit ridiculous (again, cross country skiing?!), but I'll still tune in for next season.