Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reactions to Top Chef Texas Finale Part 1

This week, the four remaining cheftestants - Beverly, Paul, Lindsay, and Sarah - gathered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for the first round of the finale. Padma and Tom met them at the top of a mountain at Whistler, a ski resort that was a location for the 2010 Olympic Games, to stage a culinary version in three events.

For the first event, the four chefs each had to cook in a moving gondola. Lindsay took that one, earning a 10K cash prize and a guaranteed spot in the finales. The second event involved removing ingredients frozen in blocks of ice and cooking outdoors. Paul took that one. And for event three, Sarah and Bev had to ski and shoot for their supper. While both dishes were close, Sarah's emerged victorious, and Beverly was sent home yet again.

The previews made it sound like there will be TWO more finale episodes...what do you think of THAT? (Personally, I think one is enough.) Please leave comments!

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Kristine said...

The Claudine Longet preview of Bev firing a gun and Sarah then falling on her ass had me spewing out of my nose. I just wish, at this stage of the game, there was more cooking and less gimmick. Cross country skiing??