Thursday, February 16, 2012

ATC Love to Chef Beverly Kim

This week Chef Beverly Kim showed her stuff; she battled like a tiger for a spot in the finale, and came very close, but lost it to Sarah in the third event of the Culinary Games.

Chef Kim - you are an amazing competitor, fighting your way back from initial elimination, beating three chefs in the Last Chance Kitchen, and giving your all this week. Once again we're very sorry to see you go. May your culinary future be bright.

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Kim. If you have anything negative to say, please do so on our Reactions post.

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Anonymous said...

I wanted Bev to make it to the finale. I feel she is much more gracious than Sarah or Lyndsey. I thought they were so mean to Bev in Restaurant Wars. And as Bev tried to answer Lyndsey's question about what Last Chance Kitchen was like, Sarah rudely interrupts with "look at that tree"!! Everytime they panned in on Lyndsey's could see her anger that Bev was back! I was hoping for payback for Bev...but alas...twas not to be!