Thursday, June 3, 2010

Congratulations, Chef Marcus Samuelsson!

Throughout the competition, Chef Samuelsson has produced highly creative and delicious work, but only now was he able to best his competition in both the Quickfire and the Elimination Challenges. Pretty impressive thing to do when you're among the best of the best! His soupy interpretation of Jonathan Waxman's dish in the QF impressed James Oseland, as did his violet/pleasure/salmon work in the Elimination. Oh, the other judges loved it too, as did the Groundlings.

Chef Samuelsson has a real advantage in his depth of food knowledge and the flavorings and styles of other cultures. Not just the Swedish Chef, Marcus continues to wow us with his imagination. He's in the finals in this competition - but can his talent take him all the way?

This post is only for positive comments about Chef Samuelsson's work. If you have anything negative to say about her or her competition, please do so here.

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