Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poll Results - Who Will It Be?

Was this season's winner a shock, or what? Only 13% of readers thought Michael would be crowned Top Chef. Kevin got nearly half the vote, and he came in third.

So why did we all have so little faith in the younger Voltaggio brother? Isn't he just as talented as his competition? Or did our votes smack more of a popularity contest?


JordanBaker said...

It was a popularity contest, no question. Or, rather, an unpopularity contest since so many commenters here seemed wedded to the idea of "anyone but Michael."

MyLastBite said...

I agree. Popularity contest.

If I didn't know Michael personally, I probably would've voted for someone else. He is so sweet in "real life".

: )

LauraK said...

Honestly any of the three of them could have won this. It really came down to the final challenge.

Throughout the season Michael and Kevin were better at the Quickfires. I think they make faster decisions. Bryan I think has a repertoire of ideas already in his head and thinks about how he can adapt a recipe that he has already made to suit the challenge.

Nothing wrong with that approach of course and it favors the more experienced chefs.

So the finale required a combination of both elements - thinking quickly and creatively AND making something familiar. I think it was a great final challenge.

Of course, for dramatic effect you couldn't have chosen a better outcome than the younger brother at last "beating" the elder brother, and the elder being gracious, humble and proud of his brother.

If it was a popularity contest of course Kevin would have won - unfortunately he faltered at the end.

This was a great season.