Monday, April 18, 2011

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Masters 3 Episode 2

Jordan Baker on obviousness: "Sue is happy to have Duck a l’Orange because she made it as a child. She’s playing for the Louisiana SPCA. We are hearing way too much from Sue after not even getting her name aloud in the episode last week. She’s clearly going home."

Monkeys as Critics on spill the beans: "James tells Suvir his veal was shoe leather. Suvir says he was run over by divas in the kitchen, but he won’t name names. Name names! Come on, Suvir, stop the goody-goody crap and tattle!"

Eater on the critics: "By the way, WHERE IS MY BOY OSELAND? Way too much Kelis, not enough Oseland. MMmmkay? Who is Restaurant Girl? Wasn’t she the editor of yearbook club last week? She’s way in over her head and sometimes makes Curt Stone look like a Chef."

AV Club on the Quickfire: "I believe it was Hugh who suggested that “it’s just pointless criticism,” and it doesn’t matter if he’s right or wrong; All that matters is that we got to see the chefs clearly not caring what Kelis thought of their food. Whether you consider it a sign of a collective superiority complex, or simply a natural response to a silly reality show conceit, it showed the chefs seeming decidedly human. They made terrible jokes (some involving milkshakes), they got pissed off at the judging, and John won for his Vietnamese Chicken meatball — an effective and entertaining quickfire, if not necessarily a particularly complicated or interesting task."

Reality TV Calendar on the Elimination Challenge: "Back to the 60’s. There are 11 numbered cloches on a table. There is a fondue pot with forks. Draw a fork. The fork holds a number. The number corresponds to a cloche. That’s your iconic dish from the 60’s. I’m still waiting for the nasty twist."

TWOP on the judging: "And the chef eliminated is... Sue. Apparently not finishing was worse than shoe leather mystery meat. On the upside, the show will make a donation to Sue's charity, the Louisiana SPCA. Sue says she's going to take away a lot of good memories and experience. She predicts a woman will win this year."

Grub Street on eating 60s style: "The poorly conceived Elimination Challenge involves classic dishes from the sixties, a time when Americans apparently subsisted only on trash foods like coq au vin and beef Wellington. Christina Hendricks from Mad Men shows up, looking lovely as always, because her acting on that show has apparently made her a culinary expert on the time period. Her husband, Geoffrey Arend, shows up, too, because we don’t know why. Curtis asks if she is a fan of a not-real 'sixties food resurgence' and it turns out she hates everything the chefs will be making. Good luck to all!"

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