Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recap Roundup: Top Chef Masters 2 Episode 3

Housewives. Ludo. Cocktails. And bloggers:

Jordan Baker on finding the balance: "I’m not saying I don’t love me some drama, and that I don’t often think that Top Chef, Masters could benefit from a teaspoon more of it. But there’s a teaspoon of drama and then there’s an hour of screaming, swearing, and unintelligible French accents."

CBS News shows restraint: "Some undercurrents of tension appear as Chefs Ludo Lefebvre and Rick Moonen-a re-known master of seafood squabble over who will make a fish and chips dish."

Marquee (CNN) on Peel's disaster: "The biggest meltdown was Mark Peel’s version of toad in a hole. He had planned to make a homemade seafood sausage, and onion sauce, but his timing was off. The Yorkshire Pudding came out doughy and undercooked instead of crisp and puffy."

TWOP on the Housewives: "The housewives are kind of idiots. I mean, it's like me judging a gourmet food competition, when my favorite foods are… not gourmet. They don't know much about food, and it shows."

Slashfood with something that makes me love GG even more: "Ah, the look on doyenne Gael Greene's face as she initially bonded with the drunken, plastic-surgery enhanced ladies, only to recoil at their stunted palates."

Onion AV Club on the Elimination Challenge: "I was ready to groan at uninspired upscale-pub-food challenge. So many gastropubs have cropped up over the past few years, serving slightly nicer versions of chicken noodle soup or burgers; it hardly seemed a stretch of our chefs' skills. But throwing in traditional Irish dishes pegged it to something more difficult, albeit depending on the dish."

Serious Eats quotes Ludo: "'English people have no taste,' he screamed. 'To just cook this food, this... shephard's pie... this Irish thing... I mean what the f*** do you want to do with this f****** food, man? It's disgusting!'"

Eater.com on design (the fashion kind): "In walks Charlotte Voisey, master mixologist. She's wearing a top in almost the same purple as Kelly, which to me proves that either this season's wardrobe stylist just doesn't care or the director doesn't, because pretty much any other show would've put Charlotte in a different top. Why does no one care about fashion? People: this is still a show on Bravo, and therefore watched primarily by ladies and gays. Please care about fashion!"

Grub Street on Jonathan: "In addition to being the first chef to win both challenges this season, it turns out that Jonathan inspires a weird awe in his colleagues, leading to some great nicknames: Chef Kenobi, the Jedi, Chef Obi-Wan, the Silver Fox. 'He’s got a little Gandalf in him,' explained Wylie Dufresne. For all of these things, we salute him."

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