Monday, March 22, 2010

Top Chef Masters 2- Meet Thierry Rautureau

Known affectionately as “The Chef in the Hat,” French born Thierry Rautureau is the owner of Rover’s Restaurant in Seattle. Raised on a farm in the Muscadet region of France, this James Beard Award-winner for Best Chef in The Pacific Northwest began a cooking apprenticeship in Anjou, France at age 14 before training at top culinary locales across that country. He eventually found himself working for Jean Claude Poilevey at La Fontaine in Chicago before heading to Los Angeles’ The Regency Club and The Seven Street Bistro Opening Rover’s in 1987 after a chance visit to Seattle, Rautureau has been a staple on the national culinary landscape ever since, and has been featured in Gourmet, Zagat’s, USA Today, and every major metro-Seattle publication that covers dining.

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