Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marcel on TV

Marcel Vigneron is getting his own show, appropriately on the SyFy network.

"Utilizing the science of cooking, Marcel's Quantum Kitchen stars one of America's most notorious chefs, molecular gastronomist Marcel Vigneron (Top Chef). In each episode, Marcel and his new catering and event company will be hired by a demanding client to produce an extraordinary celebration or event. Based on the client's requests, Marcel will dream up a theme and cuisine for the event, which range from a fairytale graduation party and a Goth-rock fashion show to a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new subway line. He and his team of party planners and chefs will tap the depths of their imagination and culinary talents to create everything from the immersive dcor to a delicious menu that emphasizes Marcel's unique brand of avant-garde cooking."

Apparently he's notorious. Who knew?

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