Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recap Roundup - Top Chef Masters 4 Finale

A Just Recompense on Kerry: "Their assistants show up; Chris’s is his chef de cuisine, and Kerry is someone he works with on large events, “putting stuff together on the fly.” I’m confused. Kerry’s not cooking on a regular basis? Is not chef/owner of anything? Or executive chef? I don’t understand, just what does Kerry actually do these days? Besides fishing with Tom Colicchio? But you know, this finale is working on a special event, putting something together on the fly, so this could be an advantage for him."

Mary Alice of Charm City Cakes for the Baltimore Sun on sweet: "At the butcher's, Chris picks up beef hearts. His love letter is to his wife, and he will be putting his heart on a plate. Rim shot! Such a clever little sass. He paints a really sweet picture of he and his wife's relationship and says he wants to thank her for allowing him to live his dream. Their family photos are adorable. Color me more smitten by the minute."

LA Weekly on the differences between the two chefs: "Immediately, the differences between Heffernan and Cosentino became apparent. Heffernan, the more left-brained of the two, became focused on ingredients, believing that the stories would come later. Whereas the more right-brained, 'emotional' Cosentino allowed the dishes to build from his memories."

Gossip & Gab on something this blogger doesn't get at all: "Hottie host Curtis Stone reminded us all that he’s a chef in his own right, inviting Chris and Kerry to the top floor of the Cosmopolitan and preparing a dish in honor of each of them. He can cook, he’s easy on the eyes, he has that amazing Australian accent… /sigh."

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