Friday, March 16, 2012

Top Chef Kitchens

Ever want to know where Top Cheftestants cook when they're at home? The Washington Post has a feature on three local chefs who all happened to compete on Top Chef: Spike Mendelsohn, Mike Isabella, and Bryan Voltaggio.

Mike Isabella on renovating a kitchen: "Get a good oven because it’s the heart and soul of your kitchen. And don’t worry about getting an oven with a bunch of special features. If you know how to cook, all you need is an on-and-off switch. Besides a good oven, a double sink. You don't want dirty dishes sitting out in the open. It looks messy."

Bryan Voltaggio's favorite kitchen toys: "a Vitamix blender (an investment he highly recommends), a Delonghi espresso machine (a gift from his brother), a Breville toaster oven and, the most recent addition, an Acrobaleno pasta extruder (an extremely fancy pasta maker)."

Click on the names in the first paragraph to read more.

Photo credit: Katherine Frey / The Washington Post

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MoHub said...

It was a terrific article, and three very different points of view. However, I was disappointed that they didn't check in with Carla.

small kitchen designs said...

Good article, highlights told the whole story. I'd love to read stuff from Spike, Mike & Bryan. Good going guys.