Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rocco's Dinner Party Finale Recap

Welp, folks, gotta admit that I wasn't feeling well last night and didn't manage to stay up to watch Rocco's Dinner Party. I know - it was probably hella exciting, right, what with Liza Minnelli and Friends? What I do know is that out of the three starting chefs - truck driver Tony, opera singer Lucia, and personal trainer Frank, Tony went home for raw steak and the other two went on to cook for famous people.

Then I fell asleep.

I'm still doing a recap for Minxeats today, one that's completely fabricated (it'll have to be) so if you are of strong constitution, come on over to check that out.

So who out there did watch this episode? Want to guest blog in the comments?

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Laura K said...

I watched it! The party guests were fab. Liza with a Z was quite sweet and funny. ("I ate before I came!")

Sandra Bernhard criticized every dish.

Chef Lucia flirted with both of the other chefs. (Neither is available - trust me on that.)

Frank cut the tip of his finger off but won the competition anyway.

And now I am dying to taste a "floating island."

russell hobson said...

I have watched your show many times. Last night you pushed off the winner, to let a guy win, with halve the dishes. If you count SOUP, [what?] the only thing he shined was his desert. LISTEN TO YOUR GUESTS, Please. Don't worry you will not get me to waist any more of my time, like Pro sports I think you are all fixed.