Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reactions to Top Chef Masters Episode Two

How about this week's battle? The results were a bit surprising, weren't they? We all knew Wylie Dufresne from his guest appearances on Top Chef in the past, so of course we thought he was going to win this one. But nooo...out comes Suzanne Tracht and blows Wylie out of the does everyone else.

The results of the vending machine Quickfire Challenge were a heck of a lot more elegant with Masters behind the stoves than with those Season 2 cheftestants, but they also had the benefit of a sandwich machine. And of course, Dr. Pepper. ;) It was amusing to see Betty Frazer, Mike Midgley, and Ilan Hall show up for judging. So what has Ilan been up to since he won season 2? If you're reading this, Ilan, we'd love an update!

The "Lost Supper" was a fun idea. Apparently, a real chef can do more with canned string beans than someone like Sandra Lee.

So what did you think about this episode? Please share your opinions with us in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see Top Chef back. Especially after the not up to Bravo standards of the Fashion Show. The masters makes for very interesting viewing. Is the poor sound balance the fault of my cable provider or is anyone else having a hard time hearing the dialogue over the intrusive music ?

Scott said...

Loved the show. Would love to see a show teaming Wylie Dufrense and Graham Elliot Bowles together. They seem to have a genuine friendship and respect for each other and they kept Suzanne Tracht laughing during their shopping trip as they gave their best impression of "Mutt and Jeff". Also, they can cook.

But, you have to give it to Suzanne. She stayed cool and calm and low keyed through out the show but she knows what to do in the kitchen. When you can get another chef, Betty Fraser, to unabashedly lick the bowl of one of her dishes it is obvious that she kicks butt when she gets near a stove.