Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top Chef: The Tour 2012

This year's tour kicks off in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday, May 17! Check below to see if they'll be in your city.

Charlotte, N.C. May 17
Staten Island May 19
Manhattan, N.Y. May 20
Boston, Mass. May 22 & 23
Long Island, N.Y. May 26 & 27
Philadelphia, Pa. May 30
Troy, Mich. June 2
Phoenix, Ariz. June 8
Seattle, Wash. June 13
San Francisco, Calif. June 16 & 17
Orange County, Calif. June 19
Los Angeles, Calif. June 20 & 21
Long Beach, Calif. June 24
San Diego, Calif. June 25
St. Louis, Mo. June 30

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Georgio Richy said...

Is there a number I can call for more information please, because I wanted to know since i couldn't not get tickets and will be attending for free, what privileges do i have?

theminx said...

Here's all the information we have: