Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rocco's Dinner Party Episode 5 Recap

Another dinner party is in the works and to help, Rocco calls in three new chefpetitors. We have vegan food blogger Ayinde, executive chef for LSG Sky Chefs Corey, and cooking school guru Nicole. The three whip up their signature dishes in 30 minutes and Rocco passes judgment. Rocco is impressed by Ayinde's ability to make a barbeque seitan that tastes like meat, but he feels that it is agressively overseasoned. Corey's mummy fried shrimp are undercooked and Nicole's pan roasted salmon suffers from an improper use of truffles. In the end, Rocco sends Ayinde packing.

The theme for the dinner party is Town and Country. One chef will make a dinner that reflects the simple, rustic flavors of the country while another will emphasize the sophistication of the city. Corey ends up with country and Nicole ends up with town. Decor specialist Jess Gordon is brought in to help them set up their dining rooms. Corey chooses the terrace and asks for old farm pictures on the walls and other rustic accoutrements. Nicole chooses the formal dining room and decides on "New York in Spring" as her theme. Lots of white linen, tulips, and pink pashminas on the table.

With $500 each to shop, the two chefs set about putting together their meals. Corey goes a bit overboard with too many options. He bakes bread, offers an entree option of poussin or salmon trout, makes two desserts, and even makes gifts of jam in little jars. Nicole is less ambitious, but goes for sophistication with tuna tartare, risotto cakes with lobster, fennel salad, filet mignon, and flourless chocolate cake covered by spun sugar domes.

The party guests start to arrive and the first is Terrance Brennan, chef/owner of Picholine and Artisanal. Since cheese is a big focus at Artisanal, Chef Brennan brings along a selection of cheeses that the chefs must incorporate into one dish. Other guests include Melissa Joan Hart, Mo Rocca, Christian Campbell, Deborah Cox, and ballerina Tiler Peck.

Corey's dinner begins and his cheese course is fried cheese with lingonberry jam. Despite Chef Brennan's reservations about fried cheese, he likes the dish. Things seem to be off to a good start, but Corey swiftly falls behind. When Rocco enters the kitchen to see what's going on, Corey abruptly dismisses him. Eventually, Corey gets his complicated menu out to the diners on time. Nicole starts her service and quickly fills the loft with smoke from her grilled lobster. She also neglects to check with the diners about the doneness of their filet mignons, forcing Rocco to take Deborah's steak back because it is very rare and she wants it well done.

With all the mishaps over, Rocco weighs his diners' opinions and comes to a decision about the winner. With a toast of champagne, Rocco declares Corey the victor. Now the transplanted Aussie has 20 grand for a big family vacation!

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JordanBaker said...

Mo Roca pointing out that if he and Rocco got same-sex married, Rocco would be Rocco Roca was the highlight for me. Well, that and his "emotionally" asking if they'd all still be friends after the party.

MoHub said...

Actually, he'd be Rocco Rocca. Mo has two cs in his last name. Makes it even worse!

Marsha said...

Good episode - and Mo Rocca makes everything more fun. No way you can win "best party" if you start a fire in the kitchen. I'm just sayin'...