Thursday, May 7, 2009

TC News & Information

Spike Mendelsohn has been eating a lot of NY pizza recently, as research for an upcoming DC pizzaria.

Carla Hall's fitness routine is featured in this Washington Post article.

Carla also recently appeared in Raleigh, NC on the Top Chef Tour. Listen to an interview with her here.

Stefan Richter shares some Mother's Day recipes here. And according to the article, his mother has been in California "helping him open up his own restaurant in Santa Monica" which "he hopes to have...up and running by late summer or early fall."

Congratulations to Dan Barber of Blue Hill on winning the James Beard 2009 Outstanding Chef Award. You may remember that his restaurant was featured on Season 5 of Top Chef, and Chef Barber appeared as a sous chef in the finale of Season 4.

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